Know more About Traditional (Outdated) Methods

           TRAINING BASED ON TRADITIONAL (OUTDATED) METHODS This is a compilation of  links to educational articles which discusses information about traditional

December 03, 2013 Dog Training, Resource

Mukha TV: Bantay

Before there is dog coaching there were dog trainers who train other people’s dog without their family. This was the norm in the Philippines for

October 22, 2016 Dog Coach Says

Can Dogs Read Human Faces?

Dogs have evolved with an amazing skill that not everybody knows about. They are really great in reading our emotions, but how do they do

July 06, 2016 Dog Coach Says

Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods For Dogs

Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods For Dogs    1. Chocolate & anything with caffeine    The darker the chocolate the more dangerous.  Chocolate contains theobromine which is similar to

July 06, 2016 Top 10
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