Dogs have evolved with an amazing skill that not everybody knows about. They are really great in reading our emotions, but how do they do it?

A study was made in University of Lincoln which shows how dogs are looking for signals about anger, irritation or happiness in human faces. The researchers from the study believe that this “face reading” skills are developed over thousands of years of evolution with humans. It was found that dogs process humans faces the same way humans do. They are able to decode what we are feeling and they are able to differentiate faces from objects.

Previous research show that human faces are asymmetrical when it comes to showing emotions. Moods such as anger, pleasure and fright are expressed far more clearly on the right side of our faces than on the left. Most humans tend to gaze to the left and watch the right side of the face of an unfamiliar person. This  phenomenon  is known as ‘left gaze bias’.

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