We have been in the business of doing day care and boarding since 2013. Our staff are trained by Dog Coach Francis and undergo constant training to improve the care and handling of our doggy guest.13434888_915697545219187_193903193370684887_n

We now moved to a bigger and better location in the City of Paranaque. Our facility is a dog boarding , daycare and school for dogs.

We follow strict guidelines in ensuring tour dogs get the best care possible while teaching basic etiquette for  dogs like not jumping up on people, keeping calm and quiet, potty breaks and eating manners.



Doggy Daycare is the solution not to leave your dog home alone.

Prevent dogs from lacking  exercise and socialization.Keep your pets healthy by providing physical,psychological and emotional needs. Daycare provides your dogs with a safe and  fun, engaging experience where they can spend the sleeping,running, playing and socializing with other dogs. Let your dog be a dog, and join us!



Your pets will stay with us in our boarding, daycare and school for the duration of their stay, effectively becoming part of our family.

During their stay with us we will give your dogs plenty of love and attention and cater for their individual needs, giving you peace of mind.