Pet Psychology 101, Dog Coach Talks at De La Salle

“What my dog thinks of me and of the world, I can only wonder.” ~ Dog Coach Francis

How do dogs think? Do they think like humans? What is going on inside a dog’s mind?

These are probably the questions the Psychology students wanted answers for.  There had been countless studies about the human mind, yet it continuously amaze us to know that there are still things we don’t know about our brain and our own way of thinking. If the study of human mind is challenging enough, what more for our pets?

Pet psychology is slowly finding its way in the country and building its base in the local academe. The De La Salle’s Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Sikolohiya was curious and driven enough to invite Dog Coach Francis to discuss certain dog behaviors and how to effectively communicate with dogs. The group and Dog Coach Francis believe that science is still the best way to answer age-old questions.

We thank Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Sikolohiya for inviting us over, we hope that Dog Coach Francis was able to answer your questions and enlighten you a bit about pet psychology.