ChinkyTuazon“Spot, our 1-year old Bichon Frise was having problems with barking in the dinner table and in the elevator when people come and go, bolting out the door, grabbing everything he sees and breaking it… He and Dimsum, our younger Bichon, has gone through obedience training via the traditional K-9 training services which led to a negative association with the leash and did not help as much. With the positive reinforcement method, Coach Francis has trained me and my family on how to communicate with Spot and Dimsum. With 100% commitment and consistency, we rarely encounter most of these issues. Coach Francis has helped us realize that we play an important role in the development of our pets and that they are a reflection of us. I am confident that as long as we persevere and be patient, not only will we be happy but our pets will live a balanced and happy life as well. “

~Chinky Dulay-Tuazon, Manager, Solutions Workforce, Accenture

Taguig City, Metro Manila


“My 1 year old dog Cotton had a problem socializing with other dogs. His barking and snapping just made my life more stressful. Thanks to Coach Francis, I learned to handle my dog using a force-free training method. It did not only give me a chance to become a better owner to my dog but also to become a more disciplined individual. The overall experience has taught me the value of consistency and perseverance that I apply everyday and continually shows amazing results. Now I am convinced that my dog has a chance to become confident as long as I maintain the lessons I have learned with Coach Francis.”

~Nikka Maxino, Graphic Artist

   Paranaque, Metro Manila