The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

~Mahatma Gandhi

A day after the Doggie Fun Fair, Dog Coach Francis was invited to talk at Leyende office. It was for a small group of young people willing to listen about dogs, a dog trainer’s life and how they can make a difference.

At first, the group showed hesitations about opening up about how they feel about dogs. Some, like the Dog Coach, grew up with dogs; some lost their dogs and one of them even said she doesn’t like dogs as she has been bitten many times by dogs. Dog Coach Francis thanked them for voicing out their opinions all the same.

During the talk, Dog Coach Francis told the group how he started with the dog training industry, what he does to help people and dogs understand each other better and his training philosophy. He also highlighted the importance of education and awareness for the betterment of dogs’ lives.

Towards the end of the talkjust after Dog Coach Francis showed videoclips about dog cruelty, one from the group said, “Sir hindi na ako takot sa aso, masaya pala maging dog lover, mag-aalaga na ako ng aso sir!” Isn’t that rewarding? In his answer, the Dog Coach simply smiled and said, “That is exactly why I am here. You can forget me, forget my name, forget that you ever met me, but please do not forget that there is no such thing as ‘small things’ when you extend help to other people or to animals. You can do great things, no matter who you are or what you’ve been through.

One of the topics that caught the group’s attention and fired up a discussion was animal cruelty; this was led to a passionate conversation about the current Act on Animal Welfare. The group was in unison, the punishment against animal cruelty is not enough and they went as far as asking the Dog Coach what they can do to show support to amend the bill.

“Every one of us, not just dogs, has had it hard one way or another. While humans tend to live in the past, dogs easily forget and move on, grateful that they survived. Life would be much easier if we could learn these simple things from them.”

The Dog Coach went on telling stories about his work. As the group listened, one could feel their eagerness to get out of room and be ambassadors for dogs and other animals. It was a day well spent at the Leyende office, Dog Coach Francis hopes that this group will have stories to tell about saving and helping  animals next time he drops by for a visit.

“I do not expect to get rich with what I do, but I love what I do because I know that someday, I can make a difference and that all that matters.”

What Gandhi said about a nation and its attitude towards animals is also applicable to companies/employers. How many companies are willing to share time to educate their employees about dogs, about animals and about making a difference?

Thank you Leyende for inviting Dog Coach Francis share his knowledge and advocacy; may there be more like you who will unselfishly make time to learn about dogs, their rights and their welfare.

If your company or organization is interested for a visit from Dog Coach Francis, feel free to contact us.