Frequently Asked Questions

What style of training do you use?
At Dog Coach Francis, we use Force Free Training, also called Reward Based Training. This training style is based on the sound science of animal learning and operant conditioning. We focus on rewarding your dog for desired behavior.

How do I register for classes?
You can contact us via email at or leave us a message at  09178393647 and we can send you registration details via email.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently only accept bank deposit for payments. Enrollment fee needs to be settled before start of training. We do not accept cash payments.

What if I need to cancel before class begins?
Enrollment fee is transferable but nonrefundable.

Can I observe a class or have a trial session before deciding to enroll my dog in your classes?

For security and intellectual property reasons, we only allow enrolled students to join the class. We however encourage you to visit our website and Facebook page for photos and videos taken during class.

This is my child’s dog, can he handle the dog in class?
For safety reasons children under 16 years of age cannot be the primary handler in classes.

Can I bring my family to class?

We can only accommodate the primary and secondary handlers.

I have two dogs, can they both attend classes at the same time?
Yes, provided they are both enrolled and there are two adult (16 years and over) handlers. If the dogs are very closely bonded we often separate them in class so that they can focus on their handler rather than each other.

How many dogs are in each class?

We have a maximum of 8-10 dogs per class.


 Do you offer Private Training?
Yes we do.

What is a Behavior Consultation?
Behavioral Consultations are designed to address problem behaviors. Problems behaviors include barking, separation anxiety, aggression, fearfulness and anxiety to name a few. If you are unsure about whether you need a private lesson or a behavior consultation please contact us to discuss it.

Why do you use food in your training, isn’t that bribing the dog?
Dogs are just like people, they work to get what they want. You wouldn’t work without pay! Since you feed your dog anyway it stands to reason that you could use the food as a reward for desired behavior, instead of giving it away for free. Training with food ensures your dog will learn faster since he’ll be motivated to work.

If I train my dog with food then will he work without food?
We use food in training to elicit new behaviors and reward new behaviors performed on cue. Once the behavior is learned we show you how to reward the dog in other ways such as praise, petting, lifestyle rewards. You will still reward behaviors occasionally with a food treat as this will keep your dog motivated to keep performing since he never knows when a treat is coming.

What if my dog is not motivated by food?

All dogs are motivated by food, if they weren’t they’d be dead! They may not like what you’re offering or they may be too full to eat but that is not the same as not being motivated by food at all. Occasionally some dogs are too stressed to eat in certain situations this serves as an indication of the training needed.

Will my dog get fat from treats?
No, we use the food that your dog would get on a daily basis anyway. We just change the way this food is delivered so it should not make a difference to your dog’s weight.

When I bring my dog to class what should I bring with me?
Please bring your current vaccination certificate and your dog on a normal collar and lead (Choke Chains and Prong Collars are not permitted). Bring ample treats cut up into tiny pieces. We find that dogs will work best for soft, human food treat.

How long is a session?
Sessions generally last 1-2 hours.

Do you guarantee results?
Yes, if the dog owner follows the program in setting rules, boundaries and limitations while rewarding good behavior there will be a significant change in the dog’s behavior. However, results may vary.

How many session and how long is the training?
Training package is for good for 5 sessions (Once a week). 1-2 hours on average per session depending on the training need.

How do I get started?
Text or call me at 0917-839DOGS (3647). Tell us about your dog. We are ready to listen and offer help.

Can kids join the training sessions?

We discourage kids to join training sessions. Dogs need to learn in a calm quiet environment.

Can we bring another dog with us?

Unless your other dogs are also enrolled in the same program, no other dog is allowed in the training area. You may schedule a consult ahead of time for your other dogs. Consult fee applies.

Our dog already knows some basic commands?

If your dog already know some basic commands, the training program will help you improve your timing and mechanics while also learning about dog behavior.

Does my dog need to be fully vaccinated?

Yes, this is a requirement upon enrollment. However for younger puppies, we can allow your dog to join class if they at least received their first (3) three shots.

Why is you address not published, can we check your place first?

For security of our resident dogs, boarders and students; we only provide our exact location for officially enrolled students and clients. For photos and videos please refer to our Facebook page.

Will our dog get a certificate?

Yes, As long as the student has successfully passed all requirements to earn a certificate.