Dog Coach Francis was invited to provide consultation and help in rehabilitating the rescued Laguna Pit Bulls. Part of the rehabilitation process is to train the dogs with basic commands and understand human interaction. Last September 8, 2012 , a follow-up lesson was given to the caretakers on how to handle the dogs. The first step introduced was to teach the candidates for adoption to learn not to pull on the leash and understand that a calm behavior is rewarded. Some of the candidates for adoption was so excited that they could not be handled without being dragged. Sally is one of the dogs for adoption and it was her first time to come out of her enclosure. After the training session , Larry (one of the caretakers) reported that Sally was no longer pulling and was calmer.

Dog rehabilitation need not be intimidating and painful. The dogs need people they can trust, not people who dominate them.

The  Pit Bull rehabilitation project has a long way to go in order to make sure all the dogs are ready physically and psychologically. The kennel run was recently made but is not usable due to mud. It needs to be expanded and cemented to make it functional. Volunteers and funding is extremely needed to help these wonderful dogs. For more info on how to help the dogs and adoption inquiries please email : /