This Section aims to educate it’s readers about dogs as told in our pet’s point of view. All stories will be told in the Eyes of Sophie, a black labrador and her friends. Join us as we explore the world and learn from this amazing adventure filled with monster vacuums, exploding lights , scented poop, crunchy leaves, play time with small people, funny cats and a whole lot more only here in  Sophie’s Corner. 


A Barking Story (Letter from Sam, 3 month old terrier mix)

Dear Sophie,

I wake up very early every day. This morning, when I noticed no one was around, I looked around and I thought maybe they are still sleeping so I began to bark and call for attention. After a few minutes my owner came up to me and said “NO”. What could that mean? Oh maybe, it’s a greeting! I barked “Good morning! I’m ready for my walk now. I’m a little hungry too and can I please have my food now?” I heard the word again, “NO!” Oh, maybe if I bark a little harder they will let me go and give me my food.

So I barked louder and pleaded them to let me out. I have to pee and relieve myself. All I got was the “No!” This time, it’s a lot louder. I did not know what they meant but I still persisted. I barked even louder, I think it’s a game! Whoever makes the loudest voice wins. After a few more bark, I think I made my point and won the game .My humans finally let me off and I then relieved m self and played afterwards.

These humans, they could be so stubborn at times.

The next day, I woke up earlier than I did last time and started to call for my owners, no one was answering me, so I thought, maybe, I have to bark more.

Then my owner went up to me and said “NO!”. “Awww I know this game! I have to bark and whoever is the loudest wins the contest.” So I barked and my owner said “NO!” I barked even louder–this is my chance to have his full attention. Another “NO!” in a louder voice, another louder bark from me and my owner then gave up and I won. I was able to go out and relieve myself and play.

These humans, they could be so stubborn at times.

The next morning, I woke up and started to call for my owners,” Bark! Bark! Bark!” No one was answering me, so I thought maybe I have to bark more. So I went “Bark! Bark! Bark! “

This time my owner went up to me and said “NO!” In a stern voice and then my owner gave me tap on my side. I stopped barking but after a while I persisted to call for them to let me out. I told my owner I have to relieve myself. Again I barked but this time, my owner said “NO!” then gave me a strong pat to my side. I stopped but I was scared. I can’t bark; I might get hurt again.

After a while, I can’t wait anymore so I relieved myself in my bed and played in my bed. Again I heard a loud resounding “NO! NO! NO!!!” I knew what was going to happen next, I got a bump on the side. It was scary.

What am I supposed to do? I hope you can help me.

Dear Sam,

I understand how you might be having a hard time. I will be scared myself if that happens to me. When I was a puppy I also tried calling for my owners but they seem to take notice of me only if I’m quiet and calm. If I tried barking, they stop playing with me and leave me alone. I would bark louder but it didn’t seem to work. As soon as I stop, they immediately comeback to greet me and continue playing, I think that’s the game they want to play.

So I kept patient every day, I kept quiet and waited for them to come to me and I was right every time. If I wait long enough they will come to play with me. I even sometimes get a few piece of cheese or my favorite toy stuffed with peanut butter. When I have to relieve myself, my owner immediately brings me outside and waits for me to finish. I remember, if I relieved myself in the exact same spot I get a prize, how wonderful! It was awesome because I learned quickly; I knew my owner wanted to teach me a new game.

Anyway, maybe your owner is also teaching you a game. Maybe the game is for you to keep quiet and relieve yourself in your bed when your owner is not looking? I am also not sure what “NO” means but I hope things get better.

Lots of paws,