Dogs always have a special place in a true dog lover’s heart. We have our own stories to tell. Dog Coach Francis encourages to share those stories and re-live memorable moments with your most loved companion and friend.

Today’s pAwsome story we share the bond, love and life of a dog who adored her human. Our letter comes from Myla Sorillo-Boquiren and her German Shepherd named SAM


I’ve always had pets at home ever since I could remember. (My mom tells me that I had shared my crib with our cat when I was a baby.) I know I have a soft spot with animals, specially cats and dogs. It’s kinda weird that my family and friends say that I’m more “animal friendly” than “kid friendly”.

Our pets come and go. I got cats and my brothers take care of our dogs. I can say we loved and took really good care of our pets. But my mom always complained about the smell and cleaning after the pets, that’s why she did not keep a pet for a long time. There was even a time she sold them to bad guys who buy dogs. (The guys riding a tricycle). I got mad but I didn’t do anything about it.

Then I got Sam, a German shepherd. I never would have imagined loving a dog like I loved Sam.

For more than 2 years that I had Sam, we had our share of fun and adventure. Sam is a very smart and affectionate dog, so I don’t have any problem bringing her to places with a lot of people. We went jogging, and even joined a marathon, and actually won! I’m so proud of her. Sometimes, we go to the rice field near our subdivision, walking, playing ball, running and riding a sidecar/Pedi cab. It was so much fun. Some people in our village was afraid of her because she’ so big, but once they got to know her, pet her or if Sam wags her tail as a greeting, they became very fond of her.

She also became a part of me and my fiancé’s life. I’m happy that Mc and Andrei, his 8 year old nephew, adore her. Sam also helped me cope with depression. She became my companion, a very good friend that listens, understands and doesn’t judge. She used to wag her tail and lick my face when I’m sad, that was her way of telling me “I’m always here for you and everything will be ok.”

Sam also brought me and my former co-worker to reconcile our differences. We stopped talking for months until I posted in Facebook about giving Sam away. I know, it was a terrible idea, but I had been arguing with my family. They were afraid for the safety of my then 2 year old nephew. Sam was big and not very much trained. They just seemed too skeptic about Sam being around the baby.

We went to walk one morning then I fed her like usual. Later that day, I saw her stomach was bloated and she kept on drinking water. I begged my mom to lend me money so I can bring Sam to the Vet, but she refused. I thought I will just ask Mc, to lend me money that night. I had to leave Sam for work that night, and also to meet with Mac to borrow some money.

But it was too late. Exactly five o’clock in the morning the next day, I felt an odd and sad feeling. It just hit me. I texted my Dad: “Is Sam dead”? I got a reply two minutes later. “Yes”. I felt numb at first. Then the guilt just consumed me. I am the reason Sam died! The thought of leaving Sam helpless that night, with no one to take care of her is just unbearable. My former co-worker called me right after I texted him. I told him, and started crying.

I didn’t want to go home. I just can’t… But I had to rush home to give a decent burial to my loyal friend. When I got home, my mom told me she had her buried on the field we’re we used to play and run.

She’s home.

For months after she passed away, I kept on thinking what if I fought for her, what if I just missed work and brought her to the vet, she would still be alive and we would still be together. I got married last May and moved to Mc’s house, leaving also my cats at home. Without my family, Sam and my cats, it doesn’t feel the same. I felt like an orphan.

I miss you Sam .I miss everything we do together. You’ve always been there for me. Thank you for all your love and loyalty. You have taught me how to love unconditionally and treat you not just a pet but also a friend, a companion, my child, and a sister.

I will remember her and all time we had together. I love you, Sam and you will always be in my heart.


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