This Section aims to educate it’s readers about dogs as told in our pet’s point of view. All stories will be told in the Eyes of Sophie, a black labrador and her friends. Join us as we explore the world and learn from this amazing adventure filled with monster vacuums, exploding lights , scented poop, crunchy leaves, play time with small people, funny cats and a whole lot more only here in  Sophie’s Corner. 

My ride with a big car

It was getting dark when my masters arrived. I was half asleep with Cat, the cat lying on my belly. They started putting my things in a bag. They were both in a hurry, and they kept saying “trip”. I continued watching them while they started packing their things in their bags too. I wanted to know what was going on but my masters haven’t told me to get up yet, so I just lied down and waited for them to approach me.

Then he said, “Ok Sophie, Up!” I used every bit of energy I stored with a day spent on sleeping, and I stood up, tail wagging. They are taking me with them! Well I couldn’t be more surprised. I always get a reward whenever I do what I’m told.

While they finish up, I was led to the place where I can pee and relieve myself. After several steps, I heard him say, “Poop.” Great! I know what that means! He always says that when we are at this area, and I recognized the thing he was holding, he always brings that thing whenever I am told to “poop”. He uses it to pick up after me while I pee.

We got back to the house to find my other master waiting for us with the bags at her feet and she was waving. I looked closer, no, she wasn’t waving at me. She was looking somewhere else. Then a car stopped in front of her, she started loading the bags there. I couldn’t help but get more excited! I tried to remain calm but I cannot stop my tail from wagging in all directions. Do they notice I am that excited? I felt a scratch on my head. That always felt good. It means I am doing good. I saw a door opening in front of me. I wanted to get in so I sat. Eyes fixed to that door, ears waiting for him to say something and tail still wagging. Then he said, “Okay, get in.” then I saw her pat the space besides her. I got in, they closed the doors and we started moving. This is my favorite reward. I like it more than food. I always like it when I am with them. I saw different other cars, other people in their cars smiles when they see me. I look at my owners. They seem to be happy whenever other people smile when they see my nose pressed against the window. My owner rolled it down so I can feel the fresh air. Where are we going I wonder?

We stopped after several turns. She told me to stay as she got down the car. What are these that I see? Big, big cars. I was left with my other in the car and he scratched the back of my head as I wonder why the cars are so big.  I saw her coming back to us and heard her say, “Our bus will be here any minute.”

Bus? What is that? The smell of this place is new to me. I was about to sniff more when they motioned me to get out of the car. Then another big car arrived. My masters told me to get in. Get in where? Then she got in first. I tried to follow her but the stairs were too high. He helped me get in. I noticed there are other people on this big car. I looked at my owner, he asked me to sit beside him.

I was still wondering why we were riding with other people when I felt the big car moved. I felt a pat on my shoulders. My owners are right beside me, I am not afraid. People started to look at me. They seem to be pointing somewhere. I have no idea what they are telling me. Sniff. Sniff. I smell something. I let my nose guide me. Then I saw something in front, it was black and four legged like me, although he was a lot smaller. Then my owners exclaimed, “A puppy!” It is weird but it was looking back at me and I seem to know what it was trying to say. We looked at each other a few times throughout the trip. I wondered where it was going, well I don’t even know where we are going.

I felt a pat in the back, I can’t look at my owner anymore, I didn’t move. I fell asleep.

“Sophie.” Is someone calling me? “Sophie.” I looked around. I felt the big car stop. My owner took my leash. He motioned me to get down. We walked around. He told me to pee. It took me a couple more steps when I felt like peeing. He gave me a pat in the back. We continued to walk around when my other master showed up. She was carrying some of my things. I sat and waited for her to approach me. She gave me water and some food. When I was done, we got in to the big car again.

While we were waiting for the big car to move, some people approached us. They started talking to my owners. One of them tried to touch me but I resisted. My owner said, “It’s OK Sophie.” I sniffed and let the stranger give me a scratch at the back of my head. They were still talking when we all felt the bus move. I feel like sleeping again.

It was no longer dark when i woke up. The big car was still moving. I looked at my owners but they were still sleeping. I tried to look outside the window; I felt my nose pressed against the cold window. I would have preferred fresh air. I saw trees everywhere. I don’t remember a ride as long as this one. Whenever they bring with them, I always meet other dogs. They always bring me somewhere I can play. This time though, I fell asleep several times, I have been motioned to get off the big car and get in again but they have not made me meet other dogs. I sniffed and looked around. I saw the puppy. It was looking around to. Its eyes found me. I wondered if we were going at the same place to meet other dogs. We were still moving. My owners woke up. I laid my head on his leg. He scratched my head. I wanted to know where we are going. Just as I wanted to ask for water, the big car stopped and I saw my masters passing my bags to someone. They also took my owners’ bags. They told me to get up.

I think we are finally here. My legs were aching from the long ride but I didn’t mind, the new place smelled good. Sniff. I walked around. Sniff. What is that smell? Sniff. I have not smelled that before but my tails won’t stop wagging again. The air smelled and felt good that I wanted to lick it. My paws felt good. What it this place? Then my owners asked me, “Sophie are you ready for the beach?” I felt they were excited as I was.

So, that’s where we are going. To the beach. What is a beach?