How to get your Dog’s Pulse

Your Dog’s pulse rate is a heart beat transmitted thru the arteries. This can easily be measure by feeling the femoral artery which can find near the groin. Your can do this procedure while your dog is standing, or lying on his back.Feel along the inside of your dog’s thigh. Using your fingers,press until you locate the pulse. Alternatively, you can also feel the pulse by pressing against the rib cage of the dog’s heart. The pulse rate is measure by counting the number of beats per minute. In an emergency situation, just count the number of heart beats within 15 seconds and multiply by four.

Adult dogs at rest maintain a n average rate of 60 to 160 beats per minute. With large dogs the rate is slower and in toy dogs it is usually faster. Some toy breeds and small puppies have a heart rate of about 220 beats per minute.If the pulse is weak or irregular these can be signs of an issue. If the heart rate is too fast can also be an issue, the dog can either be in pain or could indicate shock, anemia or stress .

Dog Coach Francis is a certified pet first aid responder by the Pet Professionals Guild. Note that any first aid performed on your pets should be followed by veterinary help.