Most people are often amazed by my three year old Labrador Retriever, Sophie. Some say she is the calmest dog they’ve ever met and some even wish their dogs were as behaved like her.

The secret?  Early socialization. Well, it’s not really secret because every dog owner knows this, but not every dog owner makes an effort to socialize their dogs. Most common excuses I have heard are- “I don’t have time” and “He’s still a puppy.” First, if you don’t have time, why did you get yourself a dog when you could’ve gotten yourself a stuff toy?

collage2 The other excuse, “He is just a puppy.” Exactly. Puppies are like sponges, they try to absorb everything around them. Let them learn. Have other people touch their collars, their ears, their paws. Let you dog meet other animals, let them experience visuals and noises like fireworks, sirens and busy traffics. Dogs grow up fast, you can’t keep putting off puppy socialization, next thing you know you already have a problem dog. The training cost for fearful and aggressive dogs is more expensive. There are a lot of people who regret not having their dogs trained early on.

One of the many opportunities to socialize your dog is to bring him to a puppy class. This is great way for owners and their dogs to develop a strong bond. Maybe the best part of the class is when puppies get to play with other dogs and humans. Develop their ability to cope and adapt to various environment. Dogs were born to have active lives; let them be the social creatures that they are.