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Good day Mr. Francis,

Sir, I’m a student from Angono Rizal and I really appreciate what you are doing. I also love dogs but last May, 2012 my dog died in my arms. Parvo was the cause. My dog’s name was Zanpactuo, a Jack Russel Terrier. The vet told me to just wait for him to sleep because he only have 10% chance to live. I didn’t trust the vet so i told him to do every thing he can to save my dog. He gave Zanpac a lot of medicine and some injections worth more than four thousand pesos .

It was 8PM the next day when I was getting ready for work, my brother called to tell me that my Zanpac didn’t drink his medicine. When I went to his room, he tried to put his nose to my face; maybe he wanted to lick my cheek again as he always did. I waited but he didn’t make it, he died, in my arms :'((.

I admit that I don’t have a lot of knowledge about dogs but I love caring them and I treat them as my brother and bestfriend.

Actually I have 2 dogs, aside from Zanpactuo, I still have a Yorkshire Terrier mix named Bluey. Sorry if I made this a long story. I really wanted to ask something about Bluey. Every time i take him for a walk, he’s- let’s just say “parang nakawala sa hawla”. He pulls his leash and wants to run. Whenever I remove his leash, he turns into a monster, he runs around the kitchen and to the dinning hall, he also jumps on the sofa and over my Mom’s aquarium. 🙁 So I decided to keep him on a leash and tie him to a certain place.

What should i do? 🙁


Paulo Flores

Sent via email


Dear Paulo,

Thank you for supporting my efforts to educate and promote Force Free Training to Filipinos.

I am sorry for the lost of your beloved Jack Russel- “Zanpac”. Parvo or Canine Parvovirus is is a virus mainly affecting dogs. The disease is highly contagious and can spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact with their feces. A chance of a puppy surviving the Parvo Virus is very slim but you did the right thing when you chose not give up on your dog.

On to your question, dogs learn by rewards. A behavior that is rewarded will likely re-occur and a behavior that is not rewarded will decrease. To resolve your puppy issue you have to first teach your dog to be calm. The best way to do this is to wait for the dog to be calm and then reward the behavior. Using clickers and treats are great tools to teach easily.

 First, remove all distractions and wait for your dog to relax, some dogs will whine and bark. This is normal as they will try to get attention. Once the dog relaxes, immediately reward him. Food treat may do but some dogs are alright with toys and praises as rewards.

Your puppy may become hyper active and will try his worst in an attempt to beg for attention. If you provide your puppy the reward he seeks (even just by looking at your dog)you reinforce the behavior. Ignore your puppy when he’s going 120Kph with his hyperactivity and give him a reward only when he’s calm. 

If you do this consistently, you are teaching your dog the behavior you want. The worst thing you can do is to give in to your puppy when he is in a hyper mode, if you reward this you are reinforcing that particular behavior and he continues to be hyper. Patience is key in dog training. In my years, I have mastered the art of being patient (at least in dog training). Shouting at your dog would make him more restless. Always be calm (teach yourself to be calm, enrolling in Yoga or Aikido is great. Kidding!).

This technique is very simple and works for most dogs.

I usually put a dog on a leash and wait for them to calm down. Some dogs takes longer, (I recommend listening to your favorite calming music) so just wait as the dog will eventually calm down. Remember, always reward the dog when calm using clicker and treats or any toy the dog loves.Teaching calmness to the dog can be a challenge but if you are consistent, your dog will learn as soon as he realize that being calm is rewarding.

Remember “Your dog is a reflection of you”.

-Dog Coach Francis