Force Free Dog Training Programs by Dog Coach Francis

Our classes use force free methods by means of Clicker Training; we aim to teach the owner how to train their dog. Participants MUST work with their dogs during and after classes in order for the training to be successful. Proof of vaccinations and full payment should be submitted with the registration form in order to reserve a place for your dog.

***Pre-requisite for all group classes:

Dogs must not be people or dog aggressive in order to attend classes. If your dog is people and/or dog aggressive, private training is available for ALL class offerings.

A. Puppy Kindergarten Class (For large breeds 2-6 months old. For Small breeds 3-8 months )

Start your puppy off on the right paw by enrolling him in our four (4) week Puppy Kindergarten class.

B.  Canine Courteous Course (Adult Obedience Class).

C.   Dynamic Dog Obedience  Course (Advance Obedience Class/For dogs who finished the Puppy Kindergarden or Canine Courteous Course).

D. Trick Dog Training  Course (Trick training basics for dogs who finished the Dynamic Canine course).

E. Private Basic Obedience Training ( A Private house call program  for your convenience)

F. Behavior Adjustment Training Course (For reactive and fearful dogs)