Whether you intend to buy or adopt a dog, you may want to ask yourself, why? Why are you getting a dog? You might say, I want to have a dog because everybody else has one. Or you can say, someone I know is giving away a puppy. Worst, you say, I have an outfit that will look good when I carry a dog. The last one might be an exaggeration but I want to make a point, dogs are not accessories. Dogs are commitment. For any other reason you come up with, here are some things to seriously consider before getting a dog:

Compatibility and Commitment

A dog is a commitment. A dog needs time and attention. Like any other commitment you take, you need to be very comfortable with it. Some people make a mistake in getting dogs because they think a certain breed is the hottest thing to have for the season. A fad lasts for a couple months, some a couple of years while a dog needs 13-14 years of commitment. So unless you are very comfortable with a dog, think it over.

Some dogs are perfect for different kinds of people. Just as humans choose their friends based on attitudes, values or common favorites, dogs also need people who can attend to their needs.

If you love sports you may opt for a sports breed like a golden retriever. If you want a dog to stay inside the house most of the time, you may go for a low energy dog.


Getting a dog and being compatible with it is just the first step. How are you going to take care of the dog? Their necessities are not limited to food and water. They need to have regular visit to the vet for vaccines, deworming and what not. Will you be able to provide everything the dog needs for the next 13- 14 years? In case of emergency, do you have enough funds to use?

Training and Socialization

Training is a basic right for dogs just as humans also need education. A dog will not have any idea on what you want him to do unless you train it. In order for you and your dog to understand each other, you have to find ways to communicate what you are trying to say. Take time to help the dog know what you want to happen.

Some dogs are often branded as unruly and it is very unfair for them. Misbehaviors are brought about by lack of training and socialization. Needless to say, you have to find time to socialize and train your dog.


You don’t have to go to school to know how to take care of a dog. You only to be aware of the things that can harm the dog, things that can help your dog grow without behavioral issues. Do some research about dog friendly activities, read books about raising dogs and be familiar with common health and behavioral problems. When in doubt seek help from professional dog consultants.

All the good things about dogs will be useless and could go unnoticed if you are getting a dog for the wrong reasons. Having a dog is one of the most wonderful things in the world. They wouldn’t be tagged as “man’s best friend” for nothing. So go get that dog, guided by the points I have stated above, this could be one of the most rewarding commitment you will ever make.