How young were you when you had your first dog, do you still remember? A lot of people must have been lucky to grow up with dogs, some parents might be considering getting a pet for their kids, but few might faint when they see their kids petting a neighborhood dog.

Training is a MUST.

How do you make sure that your kids and your dogs will get along?  Train them and start early. You cannot train the dog and expect your children to know how to behave around dogs; and you should not assume that your dogs will know what to do when there are children around. You can bring your kids to puppy classes or have them join private sessions at home.  Make an effort to familiarize your kids with dogs’ body language but keep in mind that kids do not fully understand dogs’ body language. Make sure your kids know how to properly play with dogs. Untrained dogs can be fearful and aggressive, you don’t want your dog to bite your kids and you do not want to give your dog away because of misbehaving. Remember, dogs are lifetime commitment.

Set Rules.

Dogs can be unpredictable. While they seem to get along with your kids, you need supervise their playtime. Teach your kids to respect your dogs. Come up with specific rules, here’s a few:

  • Never tease your dogs
  • Do not play with their ears, tails, etc
  • Leave the dogs alone while they eat
  • Avoid yelling or running around or making sudden movements
  • Always ask permission from owner before petting a dog
  • Avoid staring dogs in the eye

Be an Example.

Keep in mind that you are setting a good example to your kids, you are teaching them compassion, if your kids see you shouting at your dog, what does that teach them? Like dogs, kids grow up fast and having dogs in your homes is one of the best ways to create childhood memories, the ones that you want you and your kids to look back to and cherish for the rest of your lives.