There are a wide variety of dog breeds in the world. From experience and common knowledge, we know that Labradors are friendly, Golden Retrievers are full of life, German Shepherds are great  protection dogs and all other breeds have their natural physical and behavioral tendencies. However, there also is  a growing number of aggression with some lines of Labs and Golden Retrievers. Aside from behavior issues, medical issues such as hip dysplasia, which is common to large breeds, deafness and other hereditary diseases are also on the rise. How does it happen? Does it happen overnight?

While early dog training and socialization is key in shaping desired behavior it’s important that we understand the background of our dogs and how breeding for health and good behavior is desirable.

Dmitri Belyaev, a Soviet geneticist was on a quest to do just that. He led an experiment called the fox farm experiment. They used silver foxes in the farm and was able to tame the wild reactive, sometimes aggressive fox after several generations.

Watch the video and learn how the wild silver foxes evolved thru selective breeding and how dogs may have been bred into the myriad of dogs that we have today.