There is nothing more relaxing for a dog lover after working for long hours in the office but to come home to a wagging tail and a wet nose.  Any one who has ever owned a dog will understand what I mean. When I come home after a long day at work , I am greeted by my dog like we have never met in a long long time.  A wagging tail is all I need to calm me down, it is ad if my dog is telling me “Welcome Home…how was work? arf…arf…”.  

I recently tweeted dog owners to send pictures of their dogs and share stories  about their personality, peculiar habbit , or anything in the sun.. as long as the dogs are involved.

The first of the respondents was Wowie Ocampo who owns nine (9) dogs and works as a service delivery manager for a business processing outsourcing company in Pasay city. 


Wowie Ocampo : This is me and my son’s dog DODGE. He’s the dog version of “Dennis the Menace”. He’s a 7 month old huge Belgian Malinois who’s extremely energetic and is always hungry. He can knock me out whenever he gets excited especially when I get home from work. He loves taking a bath and would go back and forth the tub the whole day as long as there’s water in it. But when he’s tired, this is how he looks like..he sleeps and just want to hug anyone who wishes to sleep beside him.

 Dog Coach Francis : This is an awesome photo. I too sleep in bed with my dog, Sophie. She often comes near me just to rest her head on my leg or arm. To me this is not a dominance behavior but more of affection from the part of the dog.  Like most Belgian Malinois I know, they are energetic but also needs training and a lot of socialization to avoid issues in the future .Hopefully he does stop being “Dennis the Menace” but more of “Dodge the Good Dog”.  Anyway Dodge looks like he does love sleeping with you,really nice.

Wowie Ocampo :   This is WACKY, our 8 month old tri-colored Chihuahua. He’s very lovable and huggable and smells good even if you don’t give him a weekly bath. He moves really fast and he loves running at the open gate whenever I get home and start parking my car. He loves kissing all of us especially whenever we’re asleep and he slips inside the room.

Dog Coach Francis : aaayy chihuahua..that ‘s one cute chihuahua.

Wowie Ocampo : This is FANG. My Sharpei X Pitbull baby. He’s my original baby and is now 1 year 5 months old. I have been with him since his birth so I know every single thing about him. He loves to eat and he would eat anything that I give him as long as I’m the one handing it over to him. He’s now the “Alpha Dog” in the pack and really acts as a big brother to all of our dogs. He growls at Dodge when he feels I’m getting hurt when he plays with me, takes care of Wacky and our 2 month old yellow Labrador whenever Dodge also tries to play with them so they won’t get hurt. He’s very obedient and protective of me. I love him so much.

Dog Coach Francis : Wow! Fang does look like a Pitbull and Sharpei in one, an interesting mix. Pitbulls and Sharpeis are know to be fighting dogs but are both very good dogs to humans with proper socialization. I noticed you used the term “Alpha Dog” , does the Alpha  mean he is the first dog? Or Alpha dog because of the Dominance Theory? My training methods focus on modern understanding of the Canine Psychology and Science. Please read my article on why I chose  to go Force Free and learn about the truth about the Alpha Dog and Dominance Theory on this link : Why Choose Force Free Training.  Going back to Fang, I’m 100 percent sure he loves you more than you will ever know.

Wowie, thank you so much for sharing!

If you also want to share photos and stories about you and your dogs or if you have questions about your dog to ask the Dog Coach, send them to